Memorial Glass FAQs

We are here and happy to talk

Last Call Glass Company knows that you may have concerns about the idea of using your loved one’s ashes in something that might be considered non-traditional. If you have questions about our process, the quality of our memorial barware or really, anything about this type of tribute for someone you have lost, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We are here and happy to talk with you and hopefully, ease any concerns you may have.

Is it safe to mail my loved one's ashes?

Cremated remains can only be mailed using Priority Mail Express from USPS. Special handling, tracking and signatures are required to assure safe transport. Once you place your order, we will send you everything you need to safely ship your loved one’s ashes to us.

Read more about shipping requirements here:

Will the quality of the memorial glassware truly honor my loved one?

We believe that love and respect will be felt in every part of your experience with Last Call Glass Company. The quality of the memorial barware will put a smile on your face every time you hold one. The storage box is meant to be a display piece on its own. Even the shipping material will express the level of respect for what’s inside.

Our hope is that every time a LCGC glass is in your hand, you feel the love and respect that was put into it.

What happens if one of my glasses breaks?

We carefully inventory any surplus ash that has been mailed to us for at least two years from the order date. We do this in case of breakage. Replacement glasses can be purchased for $160 (shipping is included).  

Do all the glasses in my memorial barware set have to be the same color?

No, you can have any combination of the colors listed for your memorial barware set.

What can I use to treat and protect the finish of the cedar box?

To treat and protect your cedar box, we highly recommend Minwax Wipe0On Poly – Clear Satin. This product should be available at your local harware store.

Is the color and ash pattern in the base of each glass the same?

While the Last Call Glass process is the same for every glass, the end result for each glass is as unique as the individual. We believe this brings an additional, organic feel to our product. Please see this example of a recent set of glasses.

Last Call Glass Company - Memorial Whiskey Glasses with Cremation Ash

Can I have my pet's cremation ashes made into memorial barware?

Absolutely! Pets are family too and deserve to be celebrated and remembered.

Can I have my parent's cremation ash placed into separate glasses in the same order?

Absolutely! Just let us know in the comment field and we will mail two vials in your ash kit. Please note their names so that we can mark each vial properly. We highly suggest selecting different color glasses for each.

What happens with unused cremation ash?

We will carefully inventory all unused cremation ash for at least two years at no charge. In case of breakage, this ash can be used to make your set whole again. Replacement glasses can be purchased for $160 (shipping is included). Replacement glasses do not come with a cedar box.

If we are still in possession of your ash two years after the purchase, we will reach out to you to see if you want us to continue to inventory, mail your ash back or respectfully scatter your ash locally.

What happens if there is a typo in my custom engraved lid?

We always try to proof messages, and we will reach out if we notice something that seems off, but it is ultimately on the customer to submit messages with correct spelling and grammar. 

How long does it take to receive my glassware order?

Completion and delivery of your memorial barware can vary depending on the season and workload. Typically, you can expect to receive your order between six and eight weeks from your order date. You will receive notification when we receive your ash kit and another notification when your order is complete. Once shipped, you will receive tracking information.

Is shipping included in order cost?

Yes, shipping for both the return of the ash kit and for the delivery of your memorial barware set is included in the sale price.