Partnership Process


Establish partnership

Your partnership request is received through the creation of your account here. Then a 10% discount code, unique to your business, will be issued for use on all future Last Call Glass Co. orders placed through your account. 



Display Kit & Initial Collection Materials

A free display kit (shown below), will be mailed to your business. We will replenish cremated remains collection vials and return shipping materials as needed.

Last Call Glass Company Display Set For Funeral Homes


Ash Collection

How ash collection is handled is up to you. Your staff can collect before delivering cremated remains to your client, or you can provide your client with vial.

You will be able to track the status of your client orders.


Ash Delivery

Upon receipt of each order, you will be mailed a USPS return shipping label. Place each vial and a copy of the invoice you received via email after placing the order in one of the supplied plastic bags (see example below). Bags are meant to both separate orders and to keep the ash safe in case of breakage during shipment. 



You will receive notification for each order when it arrives at our facility. Due to the fact glasses and cedar boxes are hand made, orders take 4-6 weeks to be completed.


Delivery of completed orders

You will receive an email with tracking information for each completed order. All orders will be mailed to your business address, allowing you to check for breakage and to deliver final the product to your client.