Refund & Return Policy

Quality Guarantee:

Last Call Glass Company guarantees that you will be satisfied with the quality of the memorial glasses we produce. We ask that our clients understand that their memorial glasses are handmade by our glassblowers and not machine produced. Because of this, there may be slight differences in glass sizes, base thickness and difference in quantity of ash and colored glass in the base of each glass. All that said, rest assured, our goal is to make sure our clients are proud of the fact that they chose Last Call to help them memorialize their loved one in this non-traditional manner. We guarantee that you will love your glasses.  

Returns & Exchanges:

No returns or exchanges can be accepted if the merchandise was custom produced. That said, if there is something in the glass that you are unhappy with, we will work closely with you to make things right. Also, if a glass breaks, we will work with you to replace the glass. 

Is it safe to mail my loved one's ashes?

Cremated remains can only be mailed using Priority Mail Express from USPS. Special handling, tracking and signatures are required to assure safe transport. Once you place your order, we will send you everything you need to safely ship your loved one’s ashes to us.

Read more about shipping requirements here:

Will the quality of the memorial glassware truly honor my loved one?

We believe that love and respect will be felt in every part of your experience with Last Call Glass Company. The quality of the memorial barware will put a smile on your face every time you hold one. The storage box is meant to be a display piece on its own. Even the shipping material will express the level of respect for what’s inside.

Our hope is that every time a LCGC glass is in your hand, you feel the love and respect that was put into it.

Am I able to customize my memorial barware order?

Yes, during checkout, you will have the option to add custom engraving to the inside of the cedar box lid. Anything from their name, birth and death dates or something they always said that brings a smile to your face. There is no additional charge for this customization.

Do all the glasses in my memorial barware set have to be the same color?

No, you can have any combination of the colors listed for your barware set. 

What happens with unused ashes?

If there is any remaining cremation ash once your glassware is finished we will scatter the ashes locally unless otherwise arranged. If you would like us to return the remaining ash there is an additional shipping fee. according to the “USPS Cremated Remains Standards”.

How long does it take to receive my glassware order?

Completion and delivery of your memorial barware can vary depending on the season and workload. Typically, you can expect to receive your order between 6-8 weeks. You will receive notification when we receive your ash kit and another notification when your order is complete. Once shipped, you will receive tracking information.

Is shipping included in order cost?

Yes, shipping for both the return of the ash kit and for the delivery of your memorial barware set is included in the sale price.